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Posted 3 months ago
by demandseth

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Recent Improvements & Bug Fixes

This past week we rolled out a number of bug fixes and improvements. Here’s a breakdown of recent changes:

  • We now support feeds that contain root-relative URLs (URLs which start with a /)
  • Resolved an issue with videos from certain feeds not being playable inside Facebook
  • The minimum image size for thumbnails has been lowered to 50 pixels. Previously, images had to be at least 59 pixels wide and 59 pixels tall to be attached as a thumbnail
  • In response to Facebook removing their embedded mp3 player, we no longer try to add audio attachments to posts. This fixed an issue with duplicate content appearing where the player used to be. (Fear not, podcasters! We’re working on an alternative way to post your audio)
  • Various other minor tweaks that improve app efficiency and broaden our support for uncommon feed types

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or praise, please drop us a line in our forum.