Posted 1 month ago
by rousso

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Delays in publishing schedules

If you are eager to read the good news, skip right to the bottom of this post.

Experiencing  an amazing increase in adoption, RSS Graffiti has been seeing its number of users doubling again and again. It’s a little over a month ago that we crossed the 50.000 active user milestone and we are already past 65.000 active users and counting.

Our current server capacity was originally designed to serve roughly 40.000 active users without making compromises on performance. Here are our goals on performance:

  • Optimal cycle duration: 5 minutes
  • Maximum cycle duration: 10 minutes

“Cycle duration” is the time it takes RSS Graffiti’s processing engine to go through all feeds of all users once and do its task (fetch and publish all new entries).

So our current infrastructure was expected to be able to maintain optimal cycle duration if serving up to roughly 40.000 active users. Which was true.

Our current infrastructure was also able to maintain our maximum cycle duration of 10 minutes up to roughly 55.000 users.

But for the past week or two, the bottleneck is getting more and more noticeable and processing cycles take more than 20 minutes at best and often more than 30 minutes.

So it’s time to upgrade our server infrastructure!

Here is the good news:

In a few hours we will be releasing our new RSS Graffiti version 1.9.0 Beta and while doing that, we are going to increase our server capacity too. Our latest tests show that the new version of RSS Graffiti using the new servers is able to process all our current users and feeds in less than a minute. So our optimal cycle duration of 5 minutes is going to be well maintained for quite some time.

So till soon then! Delays are about to become a thing of the past again.