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by rousso

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Alright! We sailed and we failed…

That was an ugly one guys and it’s hard to apologize properly for it.

Here is what happened. Me and Dimitris moved to Luxembourg a couple of weeks ago. So yesterday, looking around through our database servers and debating new features, Dimitris noticed that there was an administrative account that was tied to my IP address in Sweden and said “We moved, didn’t we? I think we should now delete this one!” and I said “Yes please!”. So he deletes it.

Hours later we start seeing 1-star reviews on our Facebook Page. Five of them one after the other. I got worried but everything seemed to work fine so I thought it was just a bad coincidence and went to bed.

It turned out the next day, that not everything was working fine. Users were complaining that they could not add feeds on their pages. We tried but we could not reproduce the problem. All seemed fine. Later we realized that it was only newly added pages that had the issue. We created a new one and tested again. Voila! There was a problem. Big one! No new page had successfully been added to RSS Graffiti since yesterday!

Alright. We figured it out quickly and solved it. It was that user account we deleted. It turned out it was being used by a database trigger. Anyway. Let’s not get too technical here.

The point is we can’t apologize to all these users because we don’t even know who they are. Alright, I know, it’s not such a big deal; it’s only the new pages added for just one day that faced the issue. Ok. Still, it’s a stupid thing to do.

So please accept our apologies everyone. We only want to get better and it seems you can only get better by making mistakes right? As long as you don’t repeat the same mistakes all the time! So, we promise to stay put to Luxembourg for a few years. Alright?



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