Posted 3 years ago
by rousso

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Sporadic problems with Twitter feeds

As RSS Graffiti user base grows, we recently started to run into quota problems with Twitter again. This means that some of you already see sporadic failures in publishing your Tweets to Facebook followed by a message from RSS Graffiti that says that a valid feed could not be found in your Twitter feed URL.

This is caused by the fact that RSS Graffiti (although white-listed by Twitter) has a limit of 20.000 requests per hour. Sometimes this limit is exceeded and the problem mentioned above occurres.

There is no need to worry too much about this issue though, as we have already implemented and will release in the coming days a new feature in RSS Graffiti that will eliminate this issue. More specifically RSS Graffiti, starting from its next version, will allow you to connect your own Twitter account and it will then be able to use it to connect with Twitter for you.

This means that instead of using RSS Graffiti’s own Twitter account for getting everyone’s tweets from Twitter, we will be able to use the account of each user for retrieving their own tweets. Although each user has a much lower Twitter quota than RSS Graffiti, their own quota should be enough for the needs of each user. On top of that, we can always automatically fall-back to our own default account in case someone’s quota is temporarily exceeded.

You will also be able to specify multiple twitter accounts and use different accounts for different feeds, or even specify default accounts for use in different pages. These are going to be quite useful for users that manage a lot of Fan Pages and Groups.

So there you have it! Hang on for a few more days! Do also stay tuned with us, as we have lots of more interesting features build specifically for Twitter coming in our next release(s).