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by dkomis

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Fan Pages using new layout and Compact Style stories problem fixed.

Over the last weeks, after Facebook rolled out the new Page layout to all Fan Pages, we received your feedback, that the “Compact Style” posts did not get published correctly. The preview showed the format as previously, but the actual published post was only containing a single message, without any additional properties or the Share action link, just like Status Updates.

We managed to determine what is causing this behavior - actually what seems to be a Facebook bug - as well as a way to go around the issue and fix it.

What happens is that Facebook, when we are publishing to a New Page, treats posts slightly different than before. If there is no attachment description, (see here for the anatomy of a Facebook post) it discards all other information and simply posts a status update using the provided “message”.

What we implemented as a fix, is to send the publication date as the description instead of as just another Key-Value pair property of the attachment.

What this means for you and your feeds? The only noticeable difference will be that Published: {Date_Here} will appear first instead of last in your extended story info.


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Published: 2011-03-14 22:33:53 GMT


Published: 2011-03-14 22:33:53 GMT

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Source: Source Name!

When you preview your feed you will be able to see the exact way that the stories will appear on your wall as always.

So now you can use the Compact Style again in your new layout decorated Fan Pages. Thank you all for your valuable feedback!



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