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RSS Graffiti 2.0

We have some big news to share: This month we will be rolling out RSS Graffiti 2.0. This will be a major update, containing improvements that will expand the power and usability of the application. With this release you can expect an increase in speed and greater control over how & where your feeds are published. The RSS Graffiti team has been hard at work on this update, and when you see what’s in store, we think you’ll be just as excited as we are.

We will begin rolling out RSS Graffiti 2.0 on a purely opt-in basis, during which time users can continue using 1.9.6 if they so desire. If you have any questions about the coming 2.0 update, please leave a comment on this post. As always, if you are having any trouble using the application, direct your support questions to our forum.



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