Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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Facebook is phasing out App Profile Pages. Here is how we can help you.

Facebook has recently announced that they are going to be removing App Profile Pages by February 1st, 2012. If you administer a Facebook Application, this is important news for you and probably you already know about this for several days or weeks now. If you need more info on this then you can look at Facebook’s own post here.

Now, we know that many of you use RSS Graffiti to publish your feeds on your App Profile Pages. Assuming that you are planning to create a new Fan Page to replace your old App Profile Page (many of you probably already did that), we thought it would be nice if we could lend you a helping hand (especially those last-minute-type-of-admins that need to hurry-up to meet the Feb 1st Facebook deadline). So we’ve put together a nice little utility option in RSS Graffiti to help you make the switch.

Here is how it works:

Let’s say you have a Facebook App called “Super App”. Let’s also say that you just created a new Fan Page named “Super App Fan Page” and assigned it to the Brand/App category. Finally, let’s say that you got 4 feeds added to your “Super App” App Profile Page in RSS Graffiti. Now you want to move those 4 feeds, out of the App Profile Page and into your new “Super App Fan Page”, so that your fans continue to get your news after you make the switch. But you don’t want to re-enter them in RSS Graffiti one by one. You’d love to just click a button, move them all over and be done with it.

To move the feeds without having to re-create every feed manually, you can now go to RSS Graffiti and select either your “Super App” App Profile Page or your “Super App Fan Page”. RSS Graffiti will -sort of magically- detect that you intend to move the feeds from the App Profile to the Fan Page and offer to do it for you.

The message it gives you is pretty self-explanatory for a Facebook App admin so there is not much point in explaining more here. It’s a yellow box that appears before your feeds. Your can’t miss it. If you have questions or doubts don’t hesitate to ask either in the comments of this post or (preferably) in our user support forum on GetSatisfaction.

Some words of caution: As soon as you click on the Migrate Button and confirm the operation on the pop-up dialog that will appear, your feeds will be removed from the App Profile Page immediately and will be added to your new Fan Page. RSS Graffiti will then start publishing them on your new Fan Page. We don’t provide you with a way to move them back to the App Profile Page. So only do it when you are ready for it.

For those who care about detail, here is a bit more on how we match Apps to Fan Pages:

If you navigate to the settings of a Fan Page in RSS Graffiti, then the app will check if the Fan Page is of the proper “Brand/App” category as required by Facebook. If it is, it will then look for any App Profile Pages that you own, which have a similar name with your Fan Page. If it finds at least one App Profile with a similar name, that also has at least one feed added in it, then RSS Graffiti will prompt you to move the feed(s) from one of your relevant App Profiles to the Fan Page.

Similarly if you navigate to an App Profile Page in RSS Graffiti, then the app will check if you also have any Fan Pages of the “Brand/App” category that have a similar name with your Application. If it finds any, it will prompt you to move your feeds there.

We hope this helps! We’ll migrate our own App Profile Page this way in a few days too…