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Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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Temporarily disabling UI for Event Walls

Recently some users complained of getting a blank page while trying to access RSS Graffiti. With the help of one of our users we have been finally able to reproduce the problem and track down the cause.

I’ll get more technical about it later. Let me give you the bottom line first:

To solve this we have to disable the listing of your events on the left-hand column of RSS Graffiti.

What does this mean?

This means that you will not be able to see a list of your Facebook Events in the user interface and thus will not be able to click on any of them to add or edit your feeds for them.


We will work on a workaround for this tomorrow and push it as soon as we can. In the mean time if you have added feeds on an Event and need to modify them please contact us at support@rssgraffiti.com, or leave a message on our Facebook Wall (http://facebook.com/rss.graffiti), or in our user support community (http://getsatisfaction.com/rssgraffiti) and we will help you make the modifications you need to do.

Is publishing on Event Wall affected?

No, publishing will continue normally for the feeds that you have already setup for your Facebook Events. This issue affects only the user interface.

How long will this go on?

Disabling the listing of Events in the UI is a temporary measure to allow the users that were blocked by this issue to use RSS Graffiti normally. Luckily the number of Event Walls that use RSS Graffiti is relatively small and hopefully those users will not be affected but this measure before we come up with an alternative solution. We hope to be able to find an alternative solution to the problem tomorrow.

So what was the problem?

The problem is that a Facebook FQL query which should list the Events created by a user, suddenly times out for some users. Although our implementation should work normally, there is some unknown problem in Facebook that causes it to time-out so badly that you don’t even see the Facebook logo appearing when this happens. We will file a bug to Facebook for this and look for alternative ways to implement the specific functionality ASAP.

Special thanks to the users that worked with us to track this down. We’ll keep you updated on how we tackle this issue.

Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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Temporarily disabling URL shortening with Bit.ly

[UPDATE] This is a confirmed Facebook bug. We deployed a new work around. Read details here.

Many posts with attachments have been failing for the past several hours with the message:

Facebook responded with error 100: ‘attachment-href URL is not properly formatted’.

It turns out that Facebook is rejecting URLs shortened with bit.ly. This has happened also in the past, but Facebook had fixed the issue promptly. Our guess is that they will fix it again soon.

Nevertheless, as a temporary workaround, to unblock your posts from going through, we decided to bypass URL shortening with bit.ly.

We will keep monitoring the situation and keep you updated. We will re-enable bit.ly support after Facebook resolves this issue.

Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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Update on Short URLs issue

The issue that has been reported earlier today, causing posts to fail if they contained attachments with shortened or redirected URLs, is indeed a Facebook bug that affects every application that uses this feature.

In response to this issue we just deployed a workaround on our servers that will allow your posts to go through until Facebook fixes the issue. Now RSS Graffiti instead of shortening URLs it actually tries to expand (un-shorten) them. This effectively bypasses the Facebook issue.

At the moment of writing this, Facebook is also rolling-out a fix. We will keep our workaround in place until the fix by Facebook is confirmed.

For details on the bug see Bug 14832 on Facebook’s bug tracker.