July 2010
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How to disable posting on a Fan Page
Some users have complained that RSS Graffiti is still able to post on their Fan Pages even after they have removed the application. It seems that two [one] things are [is] going suddenly wrong and result in this behavior: RSS Graffiti fails to realize that the application has been removed (our bug). [UPADTE: this is now fixed and all removal notifications from Facebook suceed.] Facebook still...
Jul 29th
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1.9.0 Beta - first impressions
For the past few hours we have been monitoring our new release and trying to identify and resolve any issues. The processing engine seems to run very smoothly and processes all feeds of all targets in less than a minute as expected. Nevertheless we identified some issues relating to session keys and publishing on Application Profile walls. These do not affect everyone but there are some cases...
Jul 22nd
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Delays in publishing schedules
If you are eager to read the good news, skip right to the bottom of this post. Experiencing  an amazing increase in adoption, RSS Graffiti has been seeing its number of users doubling again and again. It’s a little over a month ago that we crossed the 50.000 active user milestone and we are already past 65.000 active users and counting. Our current server capacity was originally...
Jul 22nd
Preparing for 1.9.0 Beta
UPDATE 2010-07-20: Performance issues in version 1.9.0 Beta have been resolved. Release panned for tomorrow. UPDATE 2010-07-19: After encountering performance problems on the production server we had to withdraw version 1.9.0 Beta for further testing and revert back to version 1.8.7 Beta. We are preparing to release RSS Graffiti version 1.9.0 Beta later today. One of the important updates...
Jul 18th
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Disappearing Groups List FIXED
We managed to identify the problem causing the Groups of some users not to be listed in RSS Graffiti settings page as normal. The issue has been affecting an increasing number of users lately and was caused by a new permission that is being rolled-out by Facebook these days. We just deployed a hot-fix for it. If you were experiencing this issue, to allow RSS Graffiti to list your Facebook Groups...
Jul 8th
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