February 2010
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CSS Caching Issues - IE ONLY
UPDATE | Feb 9, 2010: This issue has been resolved in RSS Graffiti version 1.8.6 Beta. We just noticed that an old bug from Facebook, causing problems with application CSS loading, is still alive, especially the last few days with the intermittent performance issues of the facebook API platform. You might experience a broken layout, in the Feed Preview mode in particular - if you are using IE...
Feb 2nd
Problems with feeds from Yahoo! Pipes
The past few days our users that have Yahoo! Pipes feeds added to their Facebook Profiles and Fan Pages, started reporting that their Yahoo! Pipes feeds suddenly “stopped working”. Their feeds stopped posting for a few hours then some of them posted some entries and then paused again for a few hours and so on. Looking into this, we discovered something we probably should have thought...
Feb 1st