October 2009
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Fan Page authorization possible again: Facebook...
As of early today Facebook bug #7243 which was preventing some users from granting special permissions to enable publishing in their Fan Pages has been resolved so everything is back to normal now. This was the 2nd time we were affected from a Facebook bug in the special permissions dialog and hopefully it will be the last one too.
Oct 28th
RSS Graffiti live again on the new servers!
Things are pretty much back to normal after a very long and difficult day of urgently migrating to a new hosting provider. RSS Graffiti now runs on the cloud and although we did not iron out all the edges yet, we are pretty confident that the flexibility we now have in terms of infrastructure will allow us to maintain a good service for the coming months and accommodate for the increasing demand...
Oct 18th
Moving to new servers
We are in the process of moving RSS Graffiti to new servers on the the cloud. The process has already taken several hours today and there is still lots of work to be done; but we are getting there. Although we planed to make this transition later this week an ugly surprise from our current hosting provider forced us into the decision to move on with the planned migration right away. The new...
Oct 18th
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Version 1.6.0 Beta up running
Early on Friday, Oct 16, we deployed version 1.6.0 Beta which seems to run quite well so far. There is a heavy load on our server lately but it has not caused any serious problems so far. All feeds are being updated every 5 to 9 minutes. We are already in the process of preparing the transition to a new hosting environment that will provide more capacity to RSS Graffiti for processing your feeds.
Oct 16th