Make the absolute most of your social presence with the Optimize Package

Digital Marketers: we know you have your hands full managing the creation, distribution AND performance of your content on Facebook. RSS Graffiti Optimize is designed with you in mind. Our actionable insights provide visual guidance for which content boosts your page’s EdgeRank. This insight, paired with advanced scheduling tools, allow you to quickly adjust campaigns and further boost your page’s engagement.

*Please check first to confirm you have more than 30 Facebook Likes needed to access data

Actionable Insights

Understanding the demographics of your customers as well as what, when, where and how they consume your content is a prerequisite for optimization. RSS Graffiti’s Actionable Insights will quickly show you what content works and doesn’t work:


Content Snapshot

Quickly view a snapshot of post and page kpi’s

Visual Data

Easy-to-Learn visual data and rankings of most successful posts

Post Performance

Sort and find post performance data to optimize page content and boost EdgeRank

Page Performance

Correlate overall page data with post performance to understand when and what type of content resonates with your viewers


Track the effectiveness of your content campaigns relative to other publishers


Discovering trends in how and when viewers engage with your content is the first step. But how do you act on this knowledge?

with Advanced Scheduling

RSS Graffiti advanced scheduling works in parallel with insights helping you make data-driven content scheduling adjustments to boost impressions, clicks, comments, shares and likes.



Rapid Iterations

Publish, test and optimize in record time by applying a holistic and scientific approach to your social campaign.

Scheduled Publishing

Post contextually relevant content including feeds from videos, blogs, web pages, and news based on day-of-week and time-of-day.
Learn from Actionable Insights to boost impressions, increase CTR, and lift overall engagement rates by optimizing WHEN you post content.

Frequency Publishing

Strategic trickle-marketing distributes your content at timed intervals throughout the day, week, or month. This maintains a presence your fans’ newsfeeds throughout the day, building brand awareness and boosting opportunities for engagement.

Measure which posting schedule maximizes engagement. Remain in the mind of your viewers without bombarding them with content. Allow content to trickle throughout the day or during specific time intervals. With RSS Graffiti Optimize, the power is in your hands.

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