Upgrade Guide

As we upgrade to RSS Graffiti 2.0, special care has been taken to ensure the publishing of existing feeds is not interrupted. Although feeds you have already configured in 1.9 will continue to publish normally when you make the switch to 2.0, the way these feeds are configured, such as the layout of the settings and some of the terminology, has changed. The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with these changes.

One of the most obvious changes affects how feeds are organized. Previously, your feeds were divided up based on which Facebook target they were publishing their content to. In RSS Graffiti 2.0, all feeds are consolidated into one page, the publishing plan dashboard. A publishing plan consists of at least one source feed, and the target which is being posted to. If a single target had more than one source feeding it the same style posts in 1.9.6, these sources will be grouped into one publishing plan. This way, we have made it easier to set up multiple source feeds publishing to the same target. The settings of each individual source within a publishing plan can be configured independently. The only thing they must have in common is post style and bit.ly account, since this is configured on a per-target basis.

With the new look and feel comes new terminology we will be using to refer to different parts of RSS Graffiti.
Source - A single RSS/XML/Atom feed, an origin of publishable content.
Target - The page you want the posts from your source(s) to be published to.
Publishing Plan - Includes any number of source feeds and the target which they are publishing to.
Eligibility Age is now called Publish Delay - This setting controls how many minutes old an entry must be before RSS Graffiti considers it eligible for publishing, giving you a last chance to edit your posts before they get pushed out to your target.
Posts Per Cycle is now called Maximum Posts Per Update - This setting controls how many posts can be published each time RSS Graffiti updates your feed.
Precedence is now called Post Order Per Update - If RSS Graffiti detects multiple eligible posts and cannot publish them all at once due to the Posts Per Cycle limit, this setting controls whether old or new posts get precedence.

New Features:
Easier to add twitter feeds - You no longer have to remember Twitter’s difficult to find, complex feed URLs when setting up a Twitter account or search term as a search. Simple type your Twitter @username or a #hashtag search when adding a new source, and RSS Graffiti will automatically generate the appropriate feed URL!

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