Not a valid RSS feed

You have reached this page because you received the following message when trying to add an RSS feed URL:

Error: Not a valid RSS feed

A “feed” is simply a web page that lists the most recent posts on a particular blog, channel, Flickr account, Google News query, etc. Feeds are published in a computer-readable format known as RSS (or XML/Atom) so that they can be interpreted by applications like RSS Graffiti. This powerful technology allows anyone to distribute their posts beyond the web page where the content is hosted.

Here is an example RSS feed from Engadget. As you can see, it looks very different than the page you or I would visit to see Engadget’s content. In order to read posts from a content source, the feed URL you plug in to RSS Graffiti needs to follow certain formatting rules that have been established as standards. To check if your URL links to a valid XML/RSS/Atom feed, you can use the World Wide Web Consortium feed validation checker. If you still have questions, please open a thread in our community support forum.

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