Quick Setup Guide

RSS Graffiti makes it easy to share content from websites, blogs and popular social applications like YouTube and Flickr with your friends and fans on Facebook. Setting up the RSS Graffiti is free, fast and easy.

  • Activate RSS Graffiti

    Activate RSS Graffiti within Facebook and allow the permissions to allow the application to install on your profile, page and/or group.

  • Set Publishing Parameters

    Tell RSS Graffiti what content you would like to publish. To do this, locate the RSS/Atom Feed for the website or application you would like to publish. Click the “+ Add feed” button, paste your link and preview the link to verify you have a valid RSS/Atom feed.

  • Customize Your Stream

    Once you have verified that your feed is working, you can specify how often you’d like RSS Graffiti to check for new content, how you want the content to appear on your wall, how frequently RSS Graffiti should post on your wall and numerous other customization options. Click “Save” and you are good to go.

RSS Graffiti will take care of the rest. It will automatically check the sources that you specify for fresh content and publish it to your wall based on the preferences that you select. Try it now by adding the application to your Facebook page.

For information on more advanced functionality and preferences, check out our user support community at GetSatisfaction.

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