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After you authorize the application, a tab will appear here for each of the Fan Pages you administer.
Resume PublishingTurning this ON will allow all enabled feeds in this target to resume publishing. Please confirm.Turn it ON & resume publishingCancelPause PublishingBy turning OFF this target, publishing will pause for all its feeds until you turn it back on again. Please confirm.Turn it OFF & pause publishingCancel

Status: Authorization Required

You have not yet authorized .

Status: Authorization Required

You have not yet authorized .

Status: Disabled

Publishing on this target is currently disabled. Please use the ON/OFF switch at the top right corner of this box to switch it back ON when you want to resume updates.

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Authorization required

You have not yet authorized this application to access your facebook profile.

will be able to help you centraly manage all the RSS/Atom feeds you publish in each of your Facebook Pages after you authorize access to this information.

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Setup Checklist

Here is a list of all the steps required to configure to work for you.

  1. Add to your Profile: Pending
    Required for allowing to have access to your account and enumerate any Fan Pages, Groups (etc) that you administer. This is the Facebook equivalent of installing an application.
  2. Allow Constant Authorisation: Pending
    Required to allow to operate while you are offline.
  3. Allow Publishing: Pending
    Required for to be allowed to write on the wall of this Profile.
  4. Add your feeds so that we can start publishing them!