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Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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Facebook Groups can now publish on their own wall [NEW]

RSS Graffiti was possibly the first application to support publishing of RSS/Atom feeds on Facebook Groups early this year. Nevertheless as our users know, unlike Fan Pages, Facebook Groups could not write on their own wall so the identity of a user was always used to publish all posts.

Well, not anymore!

RSS Graffiti 1.9.0.x Beta allows you to use the Group’s identity to publish on the Group’s wall just as you do with your Fan Pages.

Apart from a cool feature to have this feature will also have a positive impact on the known Facebook limits imposed to Facebook Users (the well known and notorious Facebook Error 341 “feed request limit exceeded”). Since you will no longer have to use your own identity to publish on your Groups, you are going to be saving on your limit, so it will also be less likely that you hit the limit.

So how do you set this up?

Piece of cake! We have a new feature we call “Publish on behalf of”. So go to RSS Graffiti App, select your Facebook Group’s tab on the left-hand column, open the feed you want to edit and click on the “More” Tab in the editor. You’ll find the “Publish on behalf of” setting there. 

In the drop-down you can choose to publish on behalf of yourself, or on behalf of the Group itself. That’s it. Save the Feed and you are done. Next time the Group’s feeds are processed posts will be made using the Group’s identity (assuming you selected it in the drop-down of course).


Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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RSS Graffiti 1.9.0 Beta released

We just released the latest version of RSS Graffiti. which apart from a lot of excitement (at least to us as developers), brings on some interesting features that are quite new (and possibly still unique) in Facebook.

We’ll give you a short intro on what’s in this new version and we will follow up with a more extensive feature list and more details on specific features.

  • Publish on Application Profile’s wall.
  • Publish on your Event Page’s wall.
  • Publish on behalf of” (this can be huge).
  • Twitter oAuth safely connects your twitter accounts.
  • Auto discover and post pictures from Tweets posted via: TwitPic, TweetPhoto, PikChur, TwitGoo, YFrog and PickTor.
  • Auto-convert links in Tweets to Facebook Post Attachments.
  • Auto-exclude Tweets sent by Facebook’s Twitter app.
  • Twitter and Bit.ly accounts are now per user rather than per target (wall).
  • Add multiple Twitter and Bit.ly accounts once, use them everywhere.
  • Choose Twitter / Bit.ly accounts per feed or per target. Mix them as you like. 
  • New Application Settings tab for managing global settings.
  • Revamped Feed Editors.
  • Limit the number of posts per cycle at the feed and the page level.
  • Customizable Source URL in Feeds.
  • Simplified permissions management.
  • All links posted to Facebook are now shortened with Bit.ly.
  • Ability to temporarily pause/resume publishing an entire wall or specific feeds.
  • Improved handling of Business Accounts.
  • Numerous bug fixes & performance optimizations
  • Lot’s of other small stuff that make RSS Graffiti shine under the hood as it glooms (*wishful thinking*) from the outside ;-)

There are quite a lot of things still to improve and even more things that we want to add in the future. We are already aware of a number of small annoyances here and there and we will be working in the coming days to iron them out. But we have put a lot of hard work in this version and really couldn’t wait any longer before we shared it with you. So please keep you feedback coming. Our goal now is to do frequent small releases to fix all pending issues of this release and then move on to greater goals.

Thankful for your support,
The RSS Graffiti Team

Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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Publish on Facebook Application Profiles

For a long time, almost every application developer on Facebook was looking for a way to push RSS Feeds on their Facebook Application Profile Pages. We’ve been looking for ways to implement this for a long time too, but finally we have the solution built in RSS Graffiti 1.9.0 Beta.

We are so excited about it, we are writing this first blog post right after the release of RSS Graffiti 1.9.0 Beta, just to see this blog post get picked-up and posted on our wall!