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A major new milestone: An exciting acquisition!

We’ve been using this blog mostly to talk about milestones. We can’t help it! It’s been such a crazy ride! Monthly active users are up to 1.300.000 already; total installed users are over 600.000 by now! Exciting stuff! 

But here is one more new milestone that makes this ride amazing and goes beyond anything we could plan or hope for a few months ago!

Today, we announced that we have agreed to be purchased by Demand Media, one of the most innovative media companies around.

For us, this is great news, but if you’re wondering what this means for you, then this means that you will be getting more, faster.

If you like RSS Graffiti, you’ll love what we have been working on in the past several months. It’s going to be beyond cool! It’s beyond what’s out there today and beyond what me and Dimitris would ever be able to tackle on our own. Our friends at Demand Media are here with us today, rolling up their sleeves and working with us to build what we believe will be one of the best applications on the market for Facebook publishers. You’ll see lots of features we have been discussing with you rolling out much faster, plus more new exciting stuff that we will be unveiling in the coming months.

And there is more!

Dimitris and I will be remaining here in Luxembourg, working on the next version of the RSS Graffiti together with Demand Media and our U.S. based team.

This looks so promising! 

Thanks again for sticking with us on this wild ride! We are looking forward to sharing more of our milestones with you in the future.



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