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Posted 3 weeks ago
by demandseth

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Application Update!

We’re excited to announce the release of some major improvements to the look-and-feel of posts. Image thumbnails are now up to 60% larger. The “share” link on standard-style posts has been upgraded, and will now be translated to your local language. By popular request, the source: link has been removed.

Additionally, there are few changes to get ready for the launch of our premium add-ons. Scheduling options are located by clicking the clock icon at the top of each publishing plan. All post counts have been reset to zero, but from now on, more detailed logging will be available in the stats view.

If you don’t see these changes yet, they should appear on your dashboard in the next few days.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to drop us a line in our forum with any glowing praise, comments, or concerns. And keep checking the Facebook page for updates on our premium add-ons (coming soon!)

The RSS Graffiti Team



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