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Posting Pinterest to Facebook via RSS Graffiti

Pinterest users!! Did you know RSS Graffiti provides an easy way to automatically publish your pins to Facebook? If you’ve already installed RSS Graffiti, setup is super easy. Just follow the steps below to begin posting your pins right away:

First, open up the publishing plan dashboard and create a new publishing plan. Select your profile or the page you want to use as the target. If you run into trouble, see our getting started guide.

The next step is getting the RSS feed for your Pinterest account. To get a feed of all your pinboards, use this URL for the source: replacing “username” with your actual username. To only publish pins from one board, use this URL: replacing “board” with the name of the pinboard you’d like to publish. After adding the source URL, select your preferred scheduling options and click save.

That’s all it takes. Switch on the publishing plan, and next time you pin something, RSS Graffiti will automatically push it to Facebook with a beautiful image thumbnail and a link back to your Pinterest page. So easy.

If you need help posting from Pinterest, or using RSS Graffiti in general, please open a thread in our community support forum. Someone from the team will be happy to assist :)



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