Posted 1 year ago
by rousso

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RSS Graffiti 1.9.5 Beta released

We just released RSS Graffiti version 1.9.5 Beta. This version has heavy updates in the back-end but no visible changes in the user interface.

In a nut-shell, RSS Graffiti 1.9.5 Beta:

  • is faster,
  • is more stable,
  • is more scalable,
  • is a precursor to RSS Graffiti 2.0  and runs on its new back-end,
  • is not a feature release.

In more detail:

The processing engine now has a different architecture with improved scalability, flexibility and processing speed. This will allow RSS Graffiti to be less affected by the fast pace of growth of its user base and be able to adjust to increased demand faster.

This new engine also incorporates most of the changes that we had been working on for our next major release planned for January 2011. We are releasing these updates as we prepare for the release of version 2.0 to ease the transition and also have a better chance to monitor the new engine in real life scenarios before everything starts depending on it.

This release also coincides with an upgrade in infrastructure. The new hardware we are running on is also key to the flexibility and scalability we were recently seeking but it is also a much needed upgrade as stress on our previous infrastructure has lately caused a number of unexpected outages. The new server currently need less than 7% of their capacity to do the same job our previous infrastructure was doing running at 60% of its capacity. 

As a result we decreased the minimum processing interval back to 10 minutes

Our plans are to keep working on RSS Graffiti 2.0 and release it as soon as possible, in January 2011.